Just watched Shortbus

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The new film by John Cameron Mitchell (AKA Hedwig, from Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

It's an x-rated drama / comedy, with tons of real , unsimulated, incredibly graphic sex scenes. The simple fact is, it's not really a porn film, as the sex is kind of integral to the story.

Any attempt to censor the film would completely destroy it, but as it stands, it's one of the most earnest and frank portrayals of human sexuality I've ever seen.

Also makes me wish we had a shortbus club where I live =)


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Shortbus is AMAZING... I'm a huge fan of John Cameron Mitchell and his work. altho i must say, i like Hedwig a bit better, because of the rockin' tunes on the kick-ass soundtrack.
SHORTBUS is an excellent film though, and i really respect mitchell for taking a chance on making a totally different kind of film... one with graphic sex scenes that are provocative and creative. all i could say was "WOW" as my jaw dropped to the floor for a brief second... you will see people doing things with their bodies that u didnt even know were POSSIBLE...lol... for those of u who know what i mean, um, the "yoga" scene...hehe. sweet!
Oh, and SEVERIN??? she was fucking SEXXXY....mmm...
i'd let her slap me around ANY DAY... (she's a dominatrix, For yer information)
LMAO... see the movie... u WONT regret it. And make sure u rent Hedwig too... trust me. JCM is a creative genius... his movies are so beautiful and surreal... ull be HOOKED.

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Yeah. I'm a big JCM fan.

Wonder if Jeff can wing an interview with him =)

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