Kingdom Hearts, frustration, Rent, three orange cats and then some.

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First time ever playing Kingdom Hearts and I must say its fun. Although A long time ago my mum spilled soda on my controller so the buttons keep sticking so I'm getting angry at it. I kept trying to hit the little shadow thingys and nothing would happen. Since I tend to throw things when I get mad I am now watching Rent, with my cats.

I absolutely love cats, and dogs, and horses come to think of it but the cats are the only ones allowed in the house. I have five total in the house and two outside. My three children are all orange tabbies I bottle fed so their very affectionate and love to cuddle. There are two boys and a girl, Noah, Rex, and Baby cat. Then the two others are Angel(a tortoise shell) and Stormy(grey and white patches with dark gray stripes in the light gray). Stormy is my brothers cat but she makes too much noise when hes sleeping or something so I've adopted her.

Anime! ^ ^,
I want suggestions please, are there any good Yuri ones floating around?
I haven’t actually looked yet but I will get to it. I all ready have a nice long list of regular books I need to get.

I am off to get something to drink.
Have a good night everyone.


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Kingdom Hearts is one of the

Kingdom Hearts is one of the best RPG's out there that actually let you control the character during battle, unlike Final Fantasy (though I love it too).

I used to have a kitten, but my mom made me give him away :(

I've watched Strawberry Panic on YouTube. It doesn't have the greatest storyline, but it has plenty of girl on girl action with suspenseful love triangles. It's about Nagisa transferring to an all girl's school, and she runs into a beautiful stranger that enchants her. It's cute, and the characters grow onto you (at least they did for me). You should give it a try :D

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD