Love Is

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[I've posted this before, but now I've spiffied it up quite a bit and wanted to share it in all of its revised glory. Plus, nata comments last time I posted! Jigga-what?]

This kiss will split the sky
The heavens retreating
From a holier domain
And dawn’s fierce chariot
Once invincible in flame
Will loiter in fright
From a magic
Brighter than the glare
That ensorcells its
Solar skin
Then clocks will cease
Shouting their mechanical
Warnings of mortality
While the borders of our mouths
Venture into
Brilliant territory
Time is but fantasy
For on your lips I taste
Rippling on my skin
Electric tides of heaven
Flow through your touch
A golden transplant
Of affection’s soul
How almighty its
Blissful garrison gleams
In the devil’s black eye
Pulsing in trepidation
And emancipating tears
Of hate and venom
Glimmering like
The burning roses
Of midnight’s
Twinkling garden
As they ebb
From black hole ducts
Seized with outrage
At the unconquered love
That binds
Our shining compound
And the perfection living
Between two star-bound
Pairs of eyes
Feeding the magnetism
Of our bodies’
Flowing construction
And in his volcanic glare
I found love’s
Elusive definition
Love is
What makes the devil cry


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great job... i like "the electric tides of heaven" part... super-creative.
yesterday i wrote a poem for the girl im dating, and posted it in my journal... read if u feel like it