Maybe....I have a chance?

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I have wild curly hair that rests on my shoulders, and I have side parted bangs hanging over my face. Today, I straighted my hair. It was the best decision I made today. Why such a crucial impact? Well, because...

Allyson said I looked cute with straight hair.

I couldn't stop smiling. She was telling me things- chatting- but I was too busy smiling sheepishly. And these past couple of days she's waved at me cutely when we pass each other in the hall. It's that cute wave that Spanky from the Little Rascals does; the finger wiggle under the chin wave.

I sent my best male friend George on a secret mission. He's to find out whether or not Allyson has a boyfriend or girlfriend. I don't want to be menacing her the way I've been, only to find out I'm putting her relationship in danger with her beloved.

Christmas break is looming closer and closer, and I can't wait. But, I also don't want to go two weeks without seeing her. It's torture!

But, it may take attention away from me. Remember that boy from Chemistry class? The one I told that I have a crush on Allyson? Well, today he openly called me a lesbian. It wasn't a whisper or anything, just a plain statement. All I could do was say, "You're mean." What I wanted to say was, "And what's wrong with that?"

But, no matter. If anything, I'm just glad that I was honest with someone. I'm not scared if it goes around school. If it does, then it's just fate. I'm starting to not care altogether, and I feel comfortable of who I am. I just want to come out and be honest, and not hide my true feelings when someone approaches me with the question of who I like. I just want to be able to love openly.


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I know from experience how

I know from experience how hard it is to stand up to someone being mean about your sexuality. But it takes a lot of getting called mean things to get used to it, y'know? Soon enough, it'll be routine. But it's always hard at first. You can message me about that if you want; I'm an old pro at being called "dyke."

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?