Missing you at 6am

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mikey i miss you so much. i woke up early this morning after a shit night of sleep, and i couldn't stop thinking about you. i miss you, your playful affection, i miss it when you hug me, i miss your smile. i don't know if i can last another 6 days without you! but it's not 6 days, cause the night you come back, i leave the very next morning. i will call you, but most likely i won't see you until next year. i thought i was over you, but i guess i was wrong.

in other news.........

i feel sick today. kind of vomit-y, dizzy, etc. "History tells us that days like today are better spent in bed".... i need more more more more sleep!!! and i start rehearsals for High School Musical tomoro, wish me luck.


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Break a leg

Have fun with the rehearsals. And there is no such thing as enough sleep

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"