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If you ever wondered about purple-haired girl, she didn't turn up on the last day of school unfortunately. But I swear she brushed past me when I was walking out of the train station, weird yeah. So I probably won't ever see her again unless she comes back next year to redo classes she failed like I a m going to be doing. If that's the case, I will definitely start talking to her then. Cheers for the comments by the way guys, they made me smile :]

I'm a bit stressed because my parents assumed I passed all my classes so they're already on my back about what I'm gonna be doing next year and I really hate that. I'm a real procrastinator when it comes to.. well everything actually and I think that's starting to piss off a few people.

I finally got onto myspace and messaged my long lost gay blogging friend and he never replied. I was pretty dissapointed because I pretty much came out to him through the message.. I wrote 'I can't believe people actually thought we were straight when....'. I guess he just really doesn't give two shits about me anymore so I guess I'll just leave it. Aw this entry is a bit of a downer isn't it? I'll try to change it around a bit.. um I'm on break now which is fun. I heard about a queer youth drama group in my area which sounds really awesome.. but I don't think I'd have the courage to rock up on my own. It's all a bit scary for little old me. Plus I haven't done drama since like year 9, but I remember it was heaps of fun, oh hehe I just remembered I played a dude a few times in our skits. Oh that reminds me, when me and Tim went to get pizza, the pizza guy said "see ya boys" when we left. We were pissin ourselves laughing when we got outta there! I guess it was a boyish day for me, I dress differently depending on how I feel on the day. Does that make me androgynous? I think it's fun.

Oh and I think I had my first same-sex mutual perv the other day! I was checking out this cute girl and she saw me looking (sprung!) but I didn't turn away and she didn't either and we both started smiling. Heehee I like girls.


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Girls are nice... So is

Girls are nice...
So is androgyny. I get called a boy all the time.
Sorry to here about purple-haired girl.
But there's no such thing as never. So I bet you'll see her again.

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nothing iz real john

nothing iz real
john lennon
nice yur lucky girls never smile at me when im checking them out

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Gotta love girls. A true

Gotta love girls.

A true friend stabs you in the front.

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that's funny...

i kinda had somethin like that happen to me today... in psych i was totally checking out this gorgeous girl who sits across from me..... one of those awkward things where she looks up just as i'm staring at her... she didn't look away and neither did i.... we both laughed and it was one of those "oh, you're family... well, i am too" moments.....

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I think when your in high

I think when your in high school and stuff people just roll their eyes when you leave things until the last minute, but once your out they expect you to all of a sudden just start doing things earlier, or making plans. Things never work out the way you plan so if you wait until the last minute there is less time for them to change hey? Thats my reasoning for it anyway hehe

Whenever I'm checking out any girls and they catch me my heart starts pounding and my eyes go wider if I don't look away and theres probably a terrified look on my face!.....Then I end up looking away first usually anyway. I think I've only not been the one to turn away first once and I'm pretty sure the girl just happened to be looking at my eyes while she was in deep thought about something else....