More on Skool!!!!!

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Hey to all. Just finished exams today so I have some free time on my hands. Well about the school. So I got here and me being me,I kinda stuck out(I'm not relly into the whole macho man thing which seems to be the way guys in this schol act). So people start talking behind my back,the whole,"Is he,or isn't he?". Some people just came and asked me upfront. I told them that whatever they thought,they should go 4 it. So that got people of my back. Now it aint so bad. Still get the weird looks or "the question" once in a while, but I just tell them that whatever they think is really no problem for me. I have two best friends who both know I am gay(Vimbai and Rodney).Other than that, the school is really nice(not saying it could go without improvement) and other than the homophobic jerks that are there, the people are pretty nice. Besides, sharing showers with really hot guys is Ultra-amazing;=)!!!!

(Oh and exams were pretty okay. hope I passed though!)


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Oh I've always wanted to go to a school with showers. Lucky bastard. Doesn't sound a bad place either. Enjoy any exams

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