More than Frost Lies on the Grass

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The earth is an old man
His fading hair
Once the shade of rainbow
Reserved for emeralds
And spring
A desolate gray
That rides on winter’s
Blusterous cavalcade
The grass upon
His titanic skull
Punches through
A scalp of frozen soil
Millimeters and age
With every weary sunrise
When the dawn’s
Ultraviolet missiles
Explode in
Silent ignitions
Of startling rose
On the landscape’s
Drab demeanor
Its stoic face
Entwined in the morn’s
Dreaming toxicity
A glowing venom of soul
Whose medication rises
From the ashes of slumber
When nimble hues
Cease to blend
In vision’s
Bleary commotion
And clarity settles
In the arenas of my irises
The holograms of dreams
Exiting through vapors
Which accelerate in
Aerial gymnastics
My smoking nostrils
With every exhalation
And weary sigh
Of a million different
Quarantined laments
Inspired by the plight
Of past regrets
Assuming shapes
From lost faces
In the foggy products
By the persuasion of
My recycled carbon
These evanescent
Manufactured from clouds
Haunt me more than
A phantom’s art allows
The curvatures of their skulls
So lucid in the wintry air
My fingertips’
Scored plateaus
Shiver for the chance
To graze the soft exposure
Of familiar flesh
And cherish the confluence
Of skin and skin
But their swift dissipation
Quells my imagination’s
Revolt against
The binds of reality
Specters in my mind
Are all they remain
Drowning in a sea
Of persistent neurons
Surfacing only to pull
The triggers that sustain them
And murder me silently


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It's very lyrical and fantasy-ish. It has a sort of "Gods of the Realms" theme to it.

Your rhythm is kept nicely, good job.

- One Nation, Under Darkness

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I love your words

An aspiring master of this art?
Even if your not you have a way with words that isn't common.
Don't stop writing. =]