Ms. Slackson, Snow Burial, Xmas Shopping && 3 Strikes

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Yay!!!! Ms. Slackson is gunna be one of the supervisors for the dance I go to tomorrow....XDDDDDDD

Anyways, last night, I was buried alive in snow. xDDD It felt awesome. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I could. Haha.

Got some Xmas shopping done, not much else, except I went bowling today and almost scored 3 strikes in a row. xD

Well g2g see you.



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Lucky! Normally at this time of year we have a couple feet of snow... but we have nothing. It's currently raining.

Good job on the bowling.

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Thanks. xDD Aww. That sucks

Thanks. xDD Aww. That sucks for you, I love snow! :)