My favorite Place

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OMG. i sooooooo forgot about this lol. 'cause for photography class i was supposed to send this to my teacher and i just wrote it now...and i HOPE i HOPE SOOOOOO BAD that she likes it and changes my grade. i didn't finish my pictures and we were supposed to write an essay too, but i got lazy so now i'm getting an i hope that this essay changes her mind. what do you think?;

My Favorite Place

Along the calm sandy beaches, the wind in my hair, the ocean mist gently caressing my face, and the warm refreshing sun beating along my skin. This is where my soul is, along the crevices of the overlooking cliffs and beneath the consistent waves lies my beautiful heaven. The Beach. The Ocean. This is my favorite place.

My thoughts, my dreams, my endless memories are all made on this tiny island we all call home, where i make them is what we are surrounded by, the water. Ever since i was young i've always loved to swim either in the pool or in our lusicous clear blue ocean. That is what i call home. I love the way that when your either in the water or just looking at it, it relaxes you, calms your mind, body, and soul. What more can you ask for in life?

The way you can just float and feel like that is what you want to do forever, or how it feels when you can look beneath its rippling and either calm or rough exterior and find a world so much more beautiful than anything else in the world. That is the best thing in the world, to think that, this world the human world, it is the only thing you could ever experience, but when you look beneath and discover something so much better. The variety or colors of the reef, the busy lives of many fishes such as the angelfishes, the clown fishes, and many others. Everything has it's place and has a life; everything is living and breathing.

This is where my life lies, before my mom passed away she told me that they gave me the name Ariel because when i was born i was like a fish, i loved to swim. So i always wondered that maybe in a way that i am just like the cartoon character, a Little Mermaid.


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im sure that will bring your grade up a bit ^_^. love ya!
Love Love,
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