My xmas 2006

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Holidays this year has come and gone and i never looked back on them. I'm not the kind of person to look for things to stir my emotions because either way, I know they'll be stirred. My Mom keeps asking if I'm happy this christmas and i let her know aslong as i have her ill be satisfied cause in the end its family being together that matters. Out of all the Christmas's since my birth i have not been as appreciative of things as i have this year because i have realized how materialisticly people live there lives. This year ; there was no tree, not that i cared about the tree since there were plenty of other tree's to look at. Secretly all i cared about was getting presents, to rip the wrap off and look at my horrified sisters face because she spent years wrapping it perfectly, those were the moments that always played in my head and made me smile. I became reminded that its the thought that counts. All these simple basics to life that people should know but always forget. I'll admit that i forgot and from now on i set myself as a reminder. An appreciation to everything and everyone cause I have my life and my loved ones to be thankful for. Happy Holidays Everyone =)