Nair: Hair removal cream from HELL.

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So, I decided to use that Nair hair removal cream yesterday. I mean, every girl has facial hair, mind you it's usually blond, and unnoticable. But I didn't want it. Body hair bugs me. Everyone who knows me knows I shave every inch of my body except my head and my eyebrows, and well, a small area 'down there'. Anyway... I decided I was going to start making my face 100% hairless.

Bad idea.

I'm allergic to the cream.

Now my face is all red and blotchy and it looks like I have acne to the max. my cover up works, a bit, but my face feels sooo... rough! And gross! and the cover up makes it all scabby. It doesn't look gross... my face only looks a little redder than normal... but when I rub my cheek... IT'S DISGUSTING O_O

It messed my eyebrows up somehow, too. I didn't like, wipe the stuff over them, or else i'd no longer even have eyebrows. But after I used the cream they went all wonky and they're thinner, and wild,like bad hair day except for eye brows. My god, I look like a circus freak!!

Well alright. I may be a little too hard on myself. No one said anything today. No one even noticed except Luke, after I told him about my facial cream issues. But I notice. and it scares me to look in the mirror. I hate that. Being your own worst critic. Nothing ever turns out the way you see it in your mind, just like when you paint a picture. So, others look at me and see nothing different. But I look at me and... it's HORRIBLE!!

I am never using that stuff again.

Not to mention, it made my cheeks feel like someone doused them in kerosine and lit a match... they burned even after I wiped it all off.

Here's some advice to others with hairless OCD: Never, EVER use Nair.


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omg i used that stuff on my upper lip!

it smelled SOOOOOOO BAD!! it was nasty times like 1,000,000

sorry bout your experience :/

hope it gets better!

***I'm four letters away from being Asian--wOOt***

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thats harsh, i used

thats harsh, i used something similar once, and it sucked. i think its worth being suspicous of anything that is supposed to kill hair from the root. but maybe thats just me.

hugs, luck, and peace

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I used it once and it worked

I used it once and it worked just fine...
Sorry about your misfortune.

BTW, if that's you in the pic, you're cute ;D

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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You could always go on the pill. Its working for me my lip hair is starting to go blonde, course I have too much testerone in my body so thats my reason for taking it. so if theres not a cause behind the little bit of hair it might not work. And it takes about three moths for it to actually start working. Nair is so stupid it gives everyone a bad reaction.

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the pill, eh?

hmmm. apparently there's also a kind of pill that helps with acne too. my old dermatologist -- creepy guy, rather forget him -- told me i had a choice of accutane, antibiotics, and some kind of birth control pill. i shoulda taken the pill >.>

Then a few months ago9 my mom said i should go on the pill. and i was like, "What?? You think I'm a slut??" and she said, for my acne. And that hurt even more, because that was when my face was finally pretty clear. >>

But yeah. If the pill helps with hair too, maybe I should use it ^^

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Is it wrong that I find that

Is it wrong that I find that whole post hilarious?