needing some help

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Well I need your help. I have a friend..who is also my roommate and as much as i love her...she insists that i am gay...which is not the problem, because she is, but the problem is that i am bi not do i tell her that. and when i have she jsut never seems to get it. the otehr part of my problem is that i am not sure that i am actually bi or gay for that matter...everytime i finally settle about who i think i like..things get confusing again...does the cycle ever end??


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Seems pretty minor, the difference between bi and gay as far as other people accepting you. It's not like she's straight and you aren't sure if she'll handle the news well, etc.

Just keep correcting her.

As for labels, I say avoid them until you're sure you like the one you pick. The cycle is something you choose everytime you pick without complete certainty.

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