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damn her and that aorable, heart-melting smile! i thought i was over her for good! i thought we could just be friends and i would be happy with that after everything thats happened. but no. i have to go and fall in love with a boy and then fall in love with HER AGAIN!!!!!!!! its driving me insane! i mean, i bought her a christmas present, and i dont even know if i can give it to her. is it weird to give your ex a present for christmas??? and whats more is that even though i cant decide between the boy and the girl (im bi, btw, for those of you who are new ;-), it probably doesnt even matter because my chances with either of them are minimal. *sigh* oh well.

its snowing!!!! YAY!!!! i love snow. we might have a snow day tomorrow, too! NO SCHOOL!!! that would be cool (HA get it? cool? HAHAHAHAHA)

Love Love,
Jae Jae


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aw...i know what you

aw...i know what you sucks so think you have the strength to get over them but always it backfires and you're back to square one hurting and going crazy all over again...sigh i hate shouldn't have to make the decision between him and her yet, time will come when you'll know who you want to be with..

and about the whole christmas present thing...idk lol i'm still deciding on that too lol...but hey things will get better....and SNOW luckie you...i want snow *pout* why i gotta live on an island i got the cool thing haha...

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Hate it when you think you're over her (or him) and then... BAM! the next time you see her it hurts like mad. Nice to know I'm not alone here.

3 wheels are better than 4!

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totally get you....

I totally get you....i know exactly what u're goin thro''s painful to have to choose bet a guy n girl........well i guess the best thing wud be to wait n see who is more inclined towards you?....or which wud work out better?........this is jus what i feel......

And i do hope the christmas present thing goes well.......irrespective of who you choose......

tak ker.....

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I'm bi too... and yeah sometimes it can get a lil hectic with, u know, the BOYZ, the GIRLZ...LOL. Have u considered this: perhaps the reason u fell for the guy after breaking up with ur ex GF is cuz, being a guy, hes automatically so DIFFERENT from the girl. like maybe u were subconsciously seeking out someone who wouldnt remind u of her, would take ur mind off her... LOL, i dunno, i'm a psychology student- im always analyzing EVERYTHING!
i dont think getting ur ex a x-mas present is odd, if u guys still talk or hang out. I mean, there's this one girl who totally hurt me... but if i bumped into her during hanukkah, i'd buy her a coffee or something. u know, spread the holiday cheer? :o)

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thats so weird. i LOVE psychology!!! im not in college yet, but when i am, thats what im shooting for. we probably have a lot in common.
Love Love,
Jae Jae

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