Of Basketball and Words

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I played HORRIBLE today at my basketball game. Not like a couple of mistakes but every play I pretty much fucked it up. Total playing time: 4 minutes, I was that bad. I feel bad for my family they were trying to cheer me up and I treated them badly. I'll have to say sorry to them tomorrow.Oh well hopefully I'll NEVER play that bad again. I'll just call it an off day.

Good news in my life right now: Im going to NYC in 2 days and am going to see rent and do some christmas shopping.

Substitute in spanish for a couple days so I wont be bored to death for that time period.

Vacation in a week and a day.

I always say this and then never do it but this time I'm going to. Im going to write another story I just have to pick which one.

1)Gay girl+religon. Realizes she has an attraction to a girl but due tp her christian views decides not to act on them. But then she meets another girl... enough said. Constant struggle that some people go through about religon and being gay. Might have to a little bit of research since I'm not religous.
2)Random people. Different sexual orientations, gender, over all different. Each short short story starts off with lyrics to a song that represents a current situation. Each story is a chapter length dependent on how far I want to go into it.
3) Transgender(not transsexual there is a difference. Transgender identifies as that gender but does not seek medical procedures. Transsexaul seeks medical procedures like hormones and identifies as that gender) F2M. What its like for him, what he faces, how he deals with everything.