Oh....the pain....

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of acid indigestion. I was lucky enough to be standing earlier. Took some antiacids and now i feel a little better.

also, i'm such a horndog. my uncle has a girlfriend who is possibly one of the best looking women in the state. seriously. just, smokin' hot. and she had this really low cut shirt on. so i'm trying to be polite and not stare at the lovely-ness, but goddamn. i feel like such a pervert. i'm praying she didn't notice, because that would make for awkward interaction next time we go up there.

got christmas presents today as well. got some socks, a couple gift cards, about fifteen bucks in cash, and a couple UVA sweatshirts. they're nice. i mean, there's not much i truly want, so it's hard to buy for me. it's rare for me to get a gift that has that "Wow" factor to it.

i'll probably be going to bed soon. going to my friends' aunt and uncle's house with them for new year's eve/day. i'm so freaking excited. i love spending time with them, and i adore them both. they're like my brothers.

yay. :)