Ok, so i was cut when no one congratulated me...

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i don't do things to get "congratulations" but it would have been nice if a comment had been left here, "oh cool, you're a house captain, and you got a job, and a callback!" i know, i'm being a self centred prick face asshole, but it would have been nice.... thanks ruby btw lol and that callback went terribly. i wanted to cry. i was practically lining up the sleeping pills when i got a call from the director saying that i got a lead! i'm now chad, the black basketball dude. well, in my case, the white basketball dude. but yeah, and 2 of my close bosom buddies got leads too! so 3 out of 6 leads went to the same schools! (i'm still at school, male friend just graduated and female friend just graduated from the girls school across the road). and the director is an old boy of my school lol

so mike comes back from sth africa on the 16th. the day before i fly to melbourne. yeeeeaaah. that sucks majorly. i really wanted to see him, cause i get back 2 days before new years eve! so chances are i won't see him face to face until next year. yet, his girlfriend will be humping him well into 2007... happy new year. i reckon he'll have changed somehow when he gets back. travel always changes your perspective on life. eg when i got back from China last year, i saw alot of things more differently, and i was there on a cultural exchange. he's been doing charity/missionary work, so i think he'll be a lot more mature, maybe our jokes won't be funny anymore. OH GOD, HE WON'T FEEL ME UP ANYMORE! or maybe he'll be exactly the same, just more worldly. gosh, i wish you guys could see him, meet him, know him, cause then you'll understand why i feel this way. hmm.

i' really looking forward to next year. so much change, in all aspects. i've started feeling change in the air already. i'm getting back to the funky, hip way i used to be, before life dumped a pile of shit on me (i swear i didn't mean that to rhyme!). i feel like the way i used to be, but a bit more grown up, a little bit more the person i aspire to be. i can't wait to finally become myself. it's like at the moment, i'm standing on the edge of life, just waiting to jump in and experience everything! i'm held back by the fact i'm still at school, i'm only 16, but i'm ready. just wait, you'll remember me.


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nothing iz real john

nothing iz real
john lennon
congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like you're high on

Sounds like you're high on life right now :) and congrats on being house captain/getting a job/callback

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but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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Heh... sometime even the

Heh... sometime even the most interesting posts don't get comments because of the order that people post in... it's not because nobody cares about your entry. Anyway, great job on getting the part! *claps*

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