Okay, so....

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I talked to the friend that my other friend was reffering to (read last entry if you haven't, it'll make more sense.) and she said that friend number one jumps to conclusions....Lol. Kay, well, anyways, we talked for a bit, then she let on that her male cousin and friend were there. :-)

We talked in sript, and it was pretty good. Friend number 2 ended up falling asleep (same with her cousin) till it was just me and the friend that was at her house. So, they actually managed to cheer me up. :-)

I might be going over to a friend's house for a band practice...Lol. I'm...nervous, because I've never been to her house, but one of my friends (who accepts me) will also be there, so it should be good. :)

I'm trying not to think about what my friend told me a year ago, about Ms. Slackson....about Ms. Slackson supposedly telling my friend that she didn't want me to exclaim at stuff or whatever. My counsellor pointed out that Ms. Slackson would have come up to me and told me that she had a problem with it. I feel like an idiot, now......I don't want to have to worry about fucking "intentions and consequences" anymore....Jesus. I just don't. I don't even want to be inside my own mind, anymore. I think I need a break. Lol.

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