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well i havent posted in a bit. my birthday was yesterday, and now i'm 14. yes! i spent the weekend in baltimore with my friend and her mom and stepdad. we had our own hotel room, but there was these 2 doors that could be opened and you could go into their room. (her mom and stepdad.) anyway, we had the best visit ever! ok so her parental units went out to a romantical dinner in the resaurant that was in the hotel, and we ordered room service. it isnt all its cracked up to be. anyway, we got pizza and chocolate cake. and water. the delivery guy came, and we got the pizza and water. he left so we ran out after him to tell him we didnt get the cake. annnnnnnnnnnnnd... we didnt have the room key thingy. and the door shut all the way behind us. we were like oh shit. and we were wearing pjs and no shoes. so we decided to not call her parental units in the place, (the cell was in the room. ugh.) and go down to the front desk and tell the people. we were in the elevator, and some random lady goes i like the pjs. and then we got to the lobby, told the lady behind the desk, and got a new card key. then when we were going up in the elevator to get back into our room, i saw a cute couple and told them to make sure they both had the key so they didnt get locked out like we did. i think i scared them. whatever. end of that story. theeeeeeeeeeeeennnn we decided to go swimming in the pool. and we had no bathing suits. we were like what the hell and went in shorts and t shirts. a lady in the pool came up and was like did you ladies forget your swimsuits? and then went on to tell us about how when she was in upper Michigain and there was this much snow on the ground, that the outdoor pool was open and her son pushed her in, so she pushed him in and her husband started yelling at them. what a loooooser. she should get a wife. lol. so we hung our wet pool clothes in the bathroom, and our bathroom smelled like pool (it stunk!) for the next day. end of story. then we went to barns and nobles. the book store. and we looked in the teen section and there was a *lesbian and gay* section. as we passed, she goes "thats my section right there" and i was like hah. cuz shes bi too. and there were these 2 girls there being like wow now i know why our school is so GAY. hehe. so i found this really good book called is he or isnt he. its about this gay guy
Anthony and his bestest friend Paige. and how they both decided to get a boyfriend before some school dance. then they meet Max, and cant decided if he's gay or not. so they try to figure it out, and i wont tell you the end unless you ask nicely. (im making you read it :)) i got four books. end of story. ok, i think thats the end of my weekend in baltimore story.
oh, i want to change my name here. like, on oasis. i have an idea, i just dont know how to change it. any help?


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Happy birthday

Happy birthday byt the way. It sounded a laugh

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"