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I'm sorry in advance for how long and random i think this is gonna get.

So i havent posted in like forever. only reason: i had nothing to talk about. ok, ya sure big things have been happeneing. but i had no time! (laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame) anyway, im going to my friends house for new years, and I CANT WAIT!!! the mc (muffin club(group made up last year of us queeries)) is going to be there, and so is the persons' gf!!! woo. from what she says about her (because she sure says alot) (hahahahah jk) she sounds pretty damn cool. she met her at some book club thing at UD. she started spazzing in class on two wednesdays ago because she didnt know what to wear to the monthly gathering to "impress her" it scared me. she was starting to sound like a GIRL. anyway, i dont know how thats gonna be, seeing as she and i used to go out. (the one whos house im going to that got the new gf)

so my uncle thad has been here for christmas. that was fun. he left at 430 this morning. he has gotten more nicknames in this 6-day-visit than in his whole life. heres a few: uncle chad, sir chadworth, uncle chaddy, uncle beavis, uncle beaver, beavis, uncle cheezer, cheezer. and thats all i can remember. but i think that my xmas was the best ever. i got a tigger ornamint, a tigger mug, a hat, gloves, a PENGUIN shirt, a book, a gift card to buy books, a chocolate santa, a computer game that im gonna play after i finish this, seasons of a show i like, some little glass figures, and thats about it.

OMG my mom is in india. we had such a hard time with that. first, her plane got delayed here in philly, and the people said DO NOT APPROACH THE COUNTER. but, the other people in her party DID approach the counter and got on the flight to wherever they were going. so my mom was all alone and my dad was getting worried/pissed. (not a good combo with my dad) so she got on the flight to wherever, met up with the people, and then went off to india.
thats about it...