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alright this'll be short. on this show on tv a guy just got pissed that the other was gay. its called the real world denver on mtv. anyway, he goes you know i have a problem with homosexuality. and the gay guys like what if i said i had a problem with you being black. cuz the other guy is black. and he goes time out, i didnt choose to be black, you chose to be gay. and the gay guys like NO I DIDNT DAMMIT. and im yelling at the tv YOU CANT FUCKING CHOOSE TO BE GAY DAMMIT!
its ok though because i dont have school today and im home alone. well, my doggie chuck is here. lol. so yeah, my day's ruined. maybe karate'll help.


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This is the most persistent

This is the most persistent myth there is about gay people. My theory is that straight people want to believe this because it allows them to continue to openly discriminate against us. They think to themselves, "well, they chose this lifestyle, so they deserve whatever they get". If they admit that we have no control over our sexual orientation, and that it's just as natural as theirs, they'd have no argument against giving us equal rights. It's a case of deliberate ignorance.

- Pat Nelson Childs
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The funny things about "gay being a choice" is that it means everyone is really bisexual. They can go both ways but CHOOSE to be straight. They either don't think it through or have some serious endo-homophobia.

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I had just gave a report today on same-sex marriage and found out that people don't chose to be gay your born gay my one friend says it has to do with a part of a brain she used all these big words hell the only thing I read was your born gay.

To be afraid is to be human