Posts will now have friendlier urls.

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I have just enabled the URL aliasing feature for new posts and users on Oasis Magazine. It's a subtle thing, but it's an important usability feature.

What this means is that when you post new content, the link won't be just 'node/[some big number]', but instead it will be '[year]/[month]/[title]'.

Users will also be linked as 'user/[user name]' instead of 'user/[user id]'. If you have strange characters in your user name, your profile link might look slightly odd however. It is best to choose a user name without spaces, for instance. Profiles are still only visible to members, so your personal information is still not being indexed by google.

As there is a lot of content on Oasis, it will take a couple of days for friendly urls to be created for all the old content. The old links will still work, so you don't have to worry about that =).

We are edging ever closer to the relaunch of Oasis Magazine. So stick around =)