~*Review of GLBT Guys I know*~

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GLBT guys I know: (Just Making a List)

Arfa: (Bi) I met him through mogenic, apparently he was alright at first except when he started liking me he was extremely clingy and annoying so I tend to avoid him now.

Tyler: (Bi) A friend I knew back in Primary, then went back to Taiwan and lost contact. We miraculously got in touch again through our friend Julie when I accidentally found out he came back to NZ. I found out about his bisexuality but he was already going out with Vic which he recently broke up with. He has a really hard to understand personality and never takes things seriously.

Vic: (Gay) Met him as Tyler's boyfriend, and I used to avoid him since I had a thing for Tyler. But then I got invited to his birthday party and we got close after that. He had some complications with Tyler and ended up breaking up with him. He has a nice personality, but is also a player.

Tom: (Bi) Knew him through my friend Steph. He dresses emo but doesn't hate the world. He's nice, but our interests don't seem to click. I'm also the first (and currently only) GLBT guy he knows

Jesse: (Bi) My friend Neala's boyfriend. Deeply in love with Neala, and currently not out but I'm the small circle who knows.

Faisal: (Gay) My friend Jasmine's friend, but now also my friend. He currently likes me I can tell, but I'm a bit confused now about who I like. He's nice and funny.

Michael: (Bi) Extremely annoying person who has a crush on my friend Rohini and her boyfriend Jae. He thinks he's a bit too cool for everyone else. He is currently in the closet, but I know he's bi because I just do.



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It is quite a connection you have their. And oh boy are they're relationships complicated

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