Safe Space--a villanelle

stars and nothing's picture

I forget sometimes that this is not okay.
I forget that we are looked upon with fear.
In this safe space, we are allowed to be gay.

On campus there are signs that boldly say,
“Gays and lesbians are accepted here!”
I forget sometimes that this is not okay,

That deviance is not the American way.
I’m spoiled by this open atmosphere,
This safe space where we’re allowed to be gay.

But I’m reminded when I re-enter the fray,
And I drop your hand when strangers start to leer,
Suddenly reminded that it is not okay.

It happened at the grocery store today.
I wished to kiss your cheek and drew too near,
You quickly glanced around and pulled away.

Removed from this reality everyday,
It’s easy to be a carefree loving queer.
This unusually safe space lets us be gay
To the point where I forget it’s not okay.