She's here!

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We picked my Sister up from the airport today! I missed her so much. It's going to be hard to see her go...

She gets over here and she's immediatley back to her old habbits. X3 It's kind of funny actually.

So, we get her until January 3rd.

Anyways, my aunt keeps borrowing my GBLT books. It's kind of annoying/embarassing. I mean, it's great that she supports me and all, but...

It's probably because I borrowed Sarah and Patitence from her... It's like, revenge or something. I dunno. She's weird like that.

She's straight by the way. But she reads them anyways.

Have a Merry Chris-hana-kwanzaa-stice-day-eve. =D (that's Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/Day-eve. XD I just combined everything is all.) And a Happy New Year! =3

Everything is closed tomorrow.

*over it*