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i got home not too long ago...i worked today, haha, duh i work the rest of the week lol...sigh well my ex called me up, but i didn't answer 'cause i was busy at work but then she texted me and asked what time i finished work. i told her...then she came, rushed inside saying that she parked illegally in a tow zone or whatever (i was busy not looking at her and getting the money)..then she left. phew. over and done until next month...then she texted me saying that i gave her too much, well i did go over a lil so i told her it was for that.'s gonn be harder than i thought.

you know...i used to like people but then lose interest and get over them really fast, even with my other exes...i guess not for her case though...SHIIT...


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it never gets any easier does it?

"This life is yours."