Sister Outting

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So, I came out to my sister in an e-mail the other night. She called me and said that she wasn't mad at all, and was sorry if she ever did anything to make her think that she wouldn't accept me. The rest of our conversation was pretty funny, actually. Apparently my mom thinks I'm gay, and I'm not even sure how to react to that. The greatest part was when she found out I had a girlfriend (she already knows her):
"So, what do you guys do all....the....time.........Oh my God! You're having sex aren't you?? There's nothing wrong with that, I guess. I just...well, I love the penis."
Note that my sister is already married and all that. It made me feel completely renewed to know she doesn't care and likes who I'm with.


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We have all been injured, profoundly. (Donna Haraway)
I Am Out, Therefore I Am. (Okay, mostly.)

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That's awesome!

That's awesome! Congratulations... my sister was the first person I ever came out to... sisters rock. ^.^

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