Sleeping with straight people makes them the most uncomfortable

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I didn't really do that either. So this probably wont be as funny as the others but I'll try. The others were completely true and I was not trying to be funny but am glad they came out that way. (no pun intended)

I asked my crush if she was taking me to the movies. (I needed a confirmation). She said it depends. I replied " on what... my motives?" She anwered yes. Ok. so... knowing that my motives are no good, (although I'm not sure that she's sure what my motives are) she's taking me to the movies. (Poor crush, she thinks I've just been messing around and joking with her this whole time).

She might be dropping Chemistry. Which means she wouldn't be in any of my classes. She is reconsidering though.... I hope because of me. She said it was because she has good friends in the class but I'm the only one she talks to. :) Yep, That made my day.

So... I'm expecting a call from her so we can study this weekend. (Well, that's what she thinks she's calling for) no, really, we will study because she needs to get her grade up in Chem and NOT drop!!! So I'll put my "motives" on hold and help her with her Chemistry.(the kind we learn in school - duh) But I'm happy as long as I spend time with her. And remember... MOVIES!!! Yeah!


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aha you had me at "Groping

aha you had me at "Groping straight people in crowded areas makes them most uncomfortable"
"She said it was because she has good friends in the class but I'm the only one she talks to. :) Yep, That made my day." -- it's funny how the littlest things can make your day :D and good luck with the chemistry!

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yeah i thought the last one

yeah i thought the last one was actually more believable, gullable me...anyway does she really think your joking, it seems kinda obvious at this point that you like her, tho idk if she knows that your straight. anyway, have fun at the movies and :puts on teacher voice: to keep your hands to yourself ^.^

hugs, luck, and peace

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just wanted to say I love

just wanted to say I love reading your journals.

best of luck with teaching her both types of chemistry.

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whoo hoo!

Hey, maybe she does know you're not just kidding around, and maybe you are the reason she wants to stay in chem ;) Anyway. Have fun at the movies, and studying. ^_^

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aaaggg. chem. ick
i have like, a 69.8 in chem honors right now. i think i may need to join this little study group. cept that'd be awkward. so just know that i'm doing it in spirit. lol

*she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making*