Snowboarding... With Benefits

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I went snowboarding for the first time ever three days ago, and it is really really fun if you can survive the first day of extreme pain. The source of this pain is from falling on various areas of the butt and kness, or even worse, the same part of the butt and knees over and over again. I have a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my right knee. Otherwise, it was one of the best times I have ever had. My whole family went, but they all were on skis and I was the lone rebel (grin). And there were girrrrlls. Hoooottt girrrllls. I mean, to snowboard you have to be in reasonably good shape, right? So I was surrounded by drool-inducing females in snow clothes. I think I fell off my board a few times from merely looking at them. Of course, there was also the unavoidable incident of a fellow boarder running into me from behind. (Ouchles). I'd like to think that I improved to a low intermediate/intermediate snowboarder, however, because by the last day the low-inter. run from the top of the mountain was pretty easy-shmeazy. (Sorry if I'm bragging.) AND when I went with the rest of my family to turn in their skis, there was an especially good-looking female at the register. Ahhh, the difficulty of glancing at her out of the corner of the eye without alerting the parental units of any suspicious activity.
On one hand, I would rather eat live frogs then ever go back to school again, and then on the other, I can't wait because I'll see Alex and my friends. So confussing...
Sorry if this long rant made no sense whatsoever, or nearly bored you to tears, or made you scream with hyena-ish laughter at my quibbles.
I hope y'all had wonderful holidays!!!!!!


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aww that sounds like fun...i

aww that sounds like fun...i wish i could snowboard, but i'm missing one of the key elements here....the snow lol. but it seemed like you had fun ;)

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