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Okay. So far I've just been writing to write and that’s all fine but I need a little push with this. How would I go about finding a GLBT teen center close to me? I've been trying to look on the internet but it hasn't helped at all. I've only found results in New York and such. I found one in Hillcrest which is only in downtown SD but there was no address or number.

Then if/when I do find one I'm so scared about going. I'm really really almost painfully shy when meeting people and I am not a talker. You really have to spark my interest to get much out of me. I pretty much don't know what to do with myself in social situations. Now with writing I'm good, I can talk away over the computer or through letters and notes and think nothing of it.

While on the subject of being shy my mum found a drama class my school is offering. I really really really want to take it but being as timid as I am I have a hard time coming out of my shell and giving my heart to participating. I love acting so much and I get so frustrated that I can't just let myself out and be the crazy, un-caring, girl I am when I'm with my family and close friends.

Onto a different subject, I'm watching true life and there is a black girl on the telly who had a problem being black. It was really weird and I'm so glad I don't act like her. My grandfather was black so I am black, but you can't really tell. Actually most people can't figure out what I am so it doesn't really come up often. I don't know if that little spiel offended anyone but I want to make it clear that I wasn't bashing anyone. I don't care what color people are, people are people and that’s it.

Well I hadn't meant to write so much but there we go.

Post Script:
I really want to dye my hair blue and purple but the hairdresser says she doesn't want to do it because of all the stuff I've done to my hair in the past months when I couldn't see her and wanted to get rid of my black hair. =/


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hey you're in San Diego, that's cool. I lived there for half a year, half a year ago. Well, not really in San Diego, close to it. I went to UCSD and lived on Campus.

Anyway, advice regarding shyness: Don't think you have to please other people by being social if being social means putting on a mask. If you find yourself in a situation where you're just standing around stupidly and don't know what to do with yourself, nor what to say, - okay, don't freak out. It happens. It happens to everyone. (Sometimes. To some people it happens more often though, but okay.)
When you're shy, people will notive you're shy: So what? If they then reject you, they are pretty stupid. It's normal to be shy! But I think many (of the nicer) people who see that you're behaving shy will just accept that. There's loud and shy people in every diverse community. Loud people have it easier (I think), but shy people can find their place too.

O yeah, and if there's nice people and you want to talk to them: Don't do it under the motto of "OMG, now I have to be social and prove that I am not a complete idiot..." But rather: "What do I find interesting about that person? What would I like to know about her/him? What would I like to show of myself to him/her?" Be yourself! That's not only a good advice regarding being gay, but also regarding being shy ;-)

Does that help?

By the way... well I don't know how old you are... but if you're in your later teens, or like to hand out with people in their late teens and early twenties, and if you can get to UCSD, -> they have a reall nice LGBTQI Resource Center on Campus, and they organize activities and stuff. I mean, it is mostly directed at the campus community, but maybe you find a way to participate., and then search for LGBT Resource Center, or LGBTQI, or something like that. Good luck!

But you should also be able to locate that one in Hillcrest.

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Gay Youth Alliance in San Diego

I have a listing for a Gay Youth Alliance in San Diego, but all I have is P.O. Box 83022 San Diego, CA 92138. I'll dig and see if I can find a phone number somewhere. I can't say for sure this still exists, but it's listed on a site that lists GLBT Youth Organizations in the US.

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Ok, here's more

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my two cents

you know, i used to be in the same boat when it came to shyness. i don't know if i have any real advice, but all i can tell you is to swollow your fears and just jump! a drama class is a great way to start. if you do theatre sports in class, you'll be forced to just DO IT, not worry about everything and trust yourself. it will help you come out of your shell, and maybe you'll meet some new people. (now i'm just rambling but bear with me), if you do something in class that's clever/funny/whatever, some1 might come up to you and go, "hey i liked what you did with this-and-that! i'm so-and-so btw!"
i hope i helped! good luck, love.

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Domo Arigato, Mrs. Roboto!

Thanks for the kind words, yo. Yeah, I'm an aspiring caught me red-handed!

If you develop an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude towards meeting new people, then making friends will be a cinch. The easiest way to do that is just to go out and do it. Most people are very accepting if you give them the chance. Good luck in your gay safari! :-P

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you can do it!

If you really want to go to that drama class, then go! It will be scary but you always have to go through the hard stuff before you get to the good stuff, so take a chance yeah. It will help you get out of your shell and meet new people. I understand where you are coming from because I'm a shy kid too.. but I hate regretting things and thinking back I wish I hadn't let fear get the best of me. Our minds make things seem scarier than they actually are and sometimes you just gotta push yourself.