Still on Skates

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Welllllll, I went ice skating on Friday, and I had SO much fun. Not to mention that during school, my crush (who I will call Alex) came up to me and held my hands and gave me a hug and said that she couldn't wait to go. She was the one who invited me in the first place. (Perhaps I have a chance?) I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day. I think my parents were worried at the way I kept pacing around and fussing with my clothes. I haven't told them about my sexuality yet.
My mother insisted on chaperoning me to the rink, which was a kind gesture, but utterly humiliating. She probably wanted to make sure that I wasn't meeting some 'nice' boy (ha!) that she should know about. Alex and her friends were just putting on their skates when I arrived.
The only disappointment was that I got to skate with her only once. Hey, at least it's more than nothing. But I did get to stand next to her for a few minutes while we stared at the newly arrived people who were invited, and then we joked around for a while afterwards. She skates very well, I must say.
I had to leave early, but my dad picked me up late (probably traffic), and so I got to say goodbye again. Hugs and all. Shall I just say that I was still flying on the ice?
I miss her so much. I keep hoping that she'll call me, or something. I guess it's silly to think that she would call me if I'm not prepared to call her. Now that school is out for the holidays, I probably won't see her until the time we come back. I suppose the question is (asked rather jokingly): can I survive that long?