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If you read my journal entry a while ago you probably read that I was going to do this youth panel (go around to schools and talk about what its like to be gay) thing for Outright Vt a queer youth support thing. The catch was that I had to go to this training thing which I knew nobody and I suck at meeting new people so yeah I was freaking out.

Well I went yesterday and at first I was just yawning on the couch wondering what the fuck I was doing there. Then this girl started talking to me and then I started talking to other people and had a blast. Its so wierd thinking about how all 15 people that were in the room are queer. Its cool.

We talked about gender issues, HIV/AIDS, public speaking and a bunch of other stuff from 9-4. Ive never woken up that early on a weekend. I got a "Vermont Youth Pride" t-shirt which was cool. I have two new crushes and theyre seniors its just great knowing I have no chance with them whatsoever haha.

If anyone is thinking about going to a GLBT youth thing do it cause in my expierence people are cool.


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sounds cool

If I was thrown into a room of strangers, I'd probably freak out too. I'm glad it went really well for ya. I sorta know about a queer youth drama group in my area but I don't think I'd have the guts to go! So after reading this.. I guess you made me think about attending one day maybe.