Telling a classmate of the same sex you'd sleep with them apparently makes them very uncomfortable... Who knew.

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Ok, so here's the whole story. One of my friends, lets call him K, was complaining a few weeks ago about his B in Spanish. I know, it's horrible. So he said something about his "stupid Spanish teacher being a lesbian." I replied, "Why's that bad, were you planning on sleeping with her to raise you're grade?" He jokingly replied "yes."

Today at lunch I was talking to another one of my friends, lets call her S, whom is in the same Spanish class. She was complaining about a test she took and didn't do so well in. Me, remembering the conversation with K, which S was a part of, told S to go sleep with the teacher to raise her grade. S kept saying no and got a little uncomfortable. I said, "what, do you want me to sleep with her to raise you're grade?" Lunch became very awkward at this point seeing as no one had any way to reply to that.

After lunch, in my chemistry class, I explained the above to my crush whom sits next to me. Then I said, "I wouldn't sleep with the teacher... it would be illegal. Although I would sleep with you." Very awkward long silence from her and uncomfortable look on her face at this point. I continued, "Oh, no wait, you're 18. Damn. Guess I wouldn't sleep with you. But there's always next year."

Yeah, so apparently telling people you'd sleep with them makes them VERY uncomfortable.


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And actually sleeping with

And actually sleeping with them can make them even MORE uncomfortable, as was the case with a friend of mine in high school. Though it was his idea for us to have sex, he totally freaked afterwards and completely stopped being my friend afterwards. I guess the moral of that story is, even when you get what you wished for, things can still suck, so tread carefully.

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same thing happened to me.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Oh yeah.

That even beats my akward story of telling someone (of the same-sex) I'd married them in my dreams. Wow. I didn't know it could get worse.

But still, ouch. Good luck.

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I know

Oh yeah I've done that. What I've always found surprising is that no guy has ever been complimented by me telling them I'm attracted to them. yeah its from a guy, but come onm its still a compliment. When I tell them they're unnatractive theyactually take it as acompliment
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