"The Bermudez Triangle"

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Has anyone read this?
i just bought it yesterday and i could not even put it down until i finished it...which was sad 'cause i wanted it to go on and on. i love reading books like that. honestly it's either i'm weird but i cried, got mad, and was really touched from all the things in the book, i love how in some way i can relate to it.
well i say it's a must read. what you think about it?

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i was disappointed w/ the

i was disappointed w/ the ending :\

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yeah. i was pretty much like

yeah. i was pretty much like "it's gonna end like this? damn" sucked

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What is the book about? ~May

What is the book about?

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It's about...

It's about a group of three 3 girls who've (is that a word??) been best friends forever. One goes off to summer camp, and two are left alone. Romance insues.

I liked it, and I wasn't really that disappointed by the ending. Not the best, not the worst. I would say read, but it's not a must read like Annie on my Mind, or something.

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I agrre that

the ending was a let down.
I enjoyed the book though.

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meh it wasnt the greatest...

..but then again maybe im soured away from it because it seems so much like the summer between 7th and 8th grade..


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Whoa! My school banned this book!! And my sister was writing an article about it so she got to talk to Marueen Johnson! But, you know, it's Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Home of 135 churches and one coffee shop (which happens to be christain too).

and, the parent who initiated the whole thing suggested "replacing it with a bible". come on, a) we already have a billion bibles in the school library and b) there is nothing in the bermudez triangle near as bad as the shit in the bible: rape, murder, etc. etc.


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I was really mad that after

I was really mad that after all that Mel went through her and Avery still didn't work out together. Mel went through so much to try to get over her it was nearly unbearable for me. I think I'm way too soft for lesbian books....

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I thought it was a really

I thought it was a really good book. Good writing, good teen drama, solid characters. I liked it better than a lot of others I've read.

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I'm mad, I can't find it at

I'm mad, I can't find it at my library and I'm too poor to hunt it down at the book store...

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I read it about three years

I read it about three years ago, before I'd come out, and in a way it helped me come to terms with what i was feeling. But yeah the ending really sucked!'

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I love that book!

Its one of my favorites. But yes the ending is a bit of a let down.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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It was a fun read, but I

It was a fun read, but I honestly got annoyed by the writing and the characters. Still, the story was sweet enough, and I'm enough of a sucker for lesbian lit, that I read and enjoyed it anyway. But I also vaguely remember the ending being a letdown.

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