The Bones Beneath Your Skin

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The Bones Beneath Your Skin

Others have gazed at your stormy eyes
In anger, madness, even love
Before me, but none of them have seen
The deep and tender fear behind those eyes
The fear I saw when you looked at me,
Your hands tracing the contours of my throat
And I feel it too, an uncertain falter in the caresses of my hands
It is not each other we fear
But the shadows of a world we can't escape
That you fear could hurt me
And that I haven't got the strength to protect you from
Because nobody knows but me
That I have felt the bones beneath your skin

Others have pierced your moon-gripped eyes
With stares of loathing and violence
But you couldn't tremble beneath their needly pincers
The way you shook and collapsed
In the face of my earnest look of longing
You pulled me close to you
And still we grew fearful
We talked, one cold evening, of all the things we'd left unsaid
You told me you didn't want to be afraid
I am not what you fear
You are not what I fear
Still we fumble, apologetic, where others smile with bashful ease
I am terrified of your embrace
What will they do to you?

Others have seen you smile
The gentle curve of your lips entwined with a laugh
It was that smile I came to love
You smiled at me when first we met
When first we kissed, and still you smiled when first we shuddered
With recognition, a kind of internal revulsion
Your hands slid over my shoulders with the words
'It's not wrong'
And we both know that
So many hide a sin that they commit from prying eyes
Their transgressions known only to their restless hearts
And we sin not, and still must hide our blamelessness
I trace my fingers along your jaw and we both look around
Half guiltily, as if our very presence were unknown, and had best stay that way
It can't stay like this forever

No other has lain awake so many nights
Cursing their own cowardice
I can't bear to be afraid of you
The look in your eyes that mirrors my own
Sticks through me, boring its rusty path through my heaving chest
The whispered unholy benediction that blesses all our rites
'We can't get caught'
Every night I spend pacing the floor, unsleeping
Longing for your presence in the dark of a night that no foul light can pierce
To show us the ha'penny monsters that haunt our days
On such nights I have kissed your alabaster cheek
Your hands have stroked my hair unashamed of wandering eyes
Still in the abrasive light of a world of many generations
We stand awkward and silent, under scrutiny

I hold you close to me in the sanctity of the dark
Your arms grow more certain around me, here
Here we are safe for a little while
They could hurt you
I know not the prowess they posses, their numbers or their means
But I will hold you in my bones to keep you safe
For all I fear to love you unabashedly, my apologies swallowed
I fear more that my love could hurt you
You tremble in my arms
They will find out, you say, and I can say nothing
To love is not wrong, we both know, but what will they say?
When the searchlights fade, we will know
But now the sun rises and we whisper a last farewell
Covert kisses all but smothered in the secrecy of the world that surrounds us
Our blameless sin is hid,
And nobody knows but me
That I have felt the bones beneath your skin


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I look into your eyes and

I look into your eyes
and see that your colors changing
I wish that I could change with you
and when you said forever did you mean it to be true?
or was it another tale from you?

wow is all I can say.