the burdens to office

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so i was newly elected the vice president of my colleges alliance which is in the top five groups of this college. and as a freshman!!!! anyways, since i was newly elected a huge load of work was dropped on me which i love but sometimes trying to deal with my responsibilities with the group and school and my girlfriend doesnt leave as much time as i had with my friends. one of my friends actually got mad at me because i told her i would watch some tv with her yesterday and i did but it was only an hour and she told me i wasnt giving enough effort. now i think i am. i think i am balancing them jsut fine. the problem is that i now spend the night at my girlfriends with her and they dont see me at night which because of classes during the day and alliance in the afternoon they feel like im never there when really i am and all they have to do is text or call me and i will drop what im doing and be with them. i tell them that but apparently they dont listen to me when im talking lol. i dont know what to do!! but on a lighter not the drag queen hedda lettice is coming to our college to perform. she is like the top drag queen in new england and we have her here in salem. its wonderful and it will be so good fo rthe club. anywas, thats that


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alliance? what's that? is it

alliance? what's that? is it like gay-straight alliance, or something else?
Good luck balancing all your tasks and friends and love life.

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Good luck with your work

Good luck with your work load. School can be a bitch that way. Congrats on your accomplishment! It's always an honor to do something like that as an underclassman.

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glAad to hear its all going

glAad to hear its all going well babe im happy for you man you and your work ay take care xxxxxx