the destroyer...

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i was looking through me old composition books...the ones i used when i used to write a lot of poetry and such...and so it thought i should share some with you guys...i don't care you you don't like it or not, it doesn't really matter to its all old feelings...the past is the past and it should be kept there. here's one that i called "The Destroyer";

the pain is unbearable
but it's the only way out
as the blade cuts
and my life is flowing.

the only way it'll stop
is from the one thing i despise
it may hide the scar that has been made
but it shows that something is hidden
hidden from the stares that arise.

as i sit there
huddled in my own secret destination
the hurt and sadness is gone
run out by the transquility of pain.

the pain starts to lessen
and my life begins to fade
my eyes soon start to close
and the worst of all feelings begin to take control
i feel my one true enemy
turn into my savior
and take what was once mine
my life is now not in my hands
but in the hands
of the Destroyer.


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You're good. 3 wheels are

You're good.

3 wheels are better than 4!

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*sniff sniff*

"This life is yours."

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I liked it...

It was really good and I could relate to it, as a few ppl on here could...nice poem.

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