"The Emperor's Children"

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Has anyone else read "The Emperor's Children" by Claire Messud? I'm in the middle of it right now; it's about three Brown grads in their late-twenties who are all flitting about New York City, trying to "follow their dreams," but eventually glomming onto their parents or rich sugardaddies for financial support. Two of the main characters are straight women and the other is a gay man, and I have major issues with the depiction of homosexuality in the novel. Julius, the gay character, is an absolute stereotype of the queeny queer bitch: promiscuous, hedonistic, deep into drugs and risky sex, he unrelentingly cheats on his wealthy boyfriend. Otherwise, Julius is an interesting, well-drawn character, but what gives about the hypersexuality? Why is it that the most popular literary and cinematic depictions of gay characters always emphasize their sexuality over all else--and why are gay characters more often than not promiscuous and wild? This is something that's really been bothering me lately about "gay" literature, film, TV, and other entertainments. The first line of "Queer As Folk" is, afterall, "it's all about sex."

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No, I haven't read the book,

No, I haven't read the book, but the over emphasis does bother me. It doesn't allow people to see that ANYONE can be gay with a great variation in personalities, behaviors, habits, etc.

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