The magic 3 - a job, a callback and school leadership!!!

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I finally have the three things i've been wanting for so long - a job, a school leadership postion and a callback!!!! so i scored a job working with disabled kids at a vacation care place over january. i got it through one of the helpers at the drama group for ppl with intellectual disabilities. so its only the start, i haven't even filled out the tax documents, but i got a job!!!

2nd - the callback. what every actor dreams about, loses sleep wondering about! so i have the callback for high school musical tonight, i hope it goes well. what's the point of coming this far and not hoping to get it?! (honestly, i though my first audition was shit, so i'm glad i was chosen for the leads callback!)

3rd - I'M A SENIOR HOUSE CAPTAIN OF 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got voted in last thursday, and officially announced on assembly on friday! yay!!!