The quest for the elusive Wii. Part 3

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OMG you will NOT belive what happened... Or mabye you will. But that's besides the point.

You know that awesome new game console that I've been going on about? The one that's like... Impossible to get?

Soo. My sister wanted to go to the mall today, so we went. And, being me, I drifted towards the game store... And while we were there you'll never guess what happened.

The woman goes to make an annoncement saying that they have just gotten 3 Wiis in stock. And she'd take it in order of the line. So I jumped in line and raised my hand at light speed. And I got a "ticket" (blank receipt with a number written on it.) with the number "1" on it. I was like jumping up and down and squealing. It was great. =D

And since I already got my ticket, I decided to tell the guy that just entered the store what was going on. So he got one too! Apparently he was looking for one so I'm glad.

It's kind of funny, when she asked if anyone wanted the PS3 nobody did. And I was really surprised when I said that Nintendo is way better and nobody like, dissagreed. XD

So, we finished up our shopping at the mall and when I got outside in the parking lot "We have the WII!" on the top of my lungs. I've been wanting to do that for so long. XD

The Wii is like joy in a box. X3 My dad even likes playing it. Not to mention how fun it is to watch TV on the internet on the TV. (It has a browser so I like watching Youtube on it. X3)

But seriously. Joy in a box people! No wonder it's so hard to find. X3

If I don't post for a while.. I'm probably playing the Wii. XD



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That's AWESOME! I don't know

That's AWESOME! I don't know why you were surprised at the fact that nobody would want a PS3. I mean, the only good thing about a PS3 is it's graphics... and the Wii has the graphics but more features.

The name makes me chuckle. My sister's friend, Kyle, was like, "I got a Wii! But I'm not allowed to play with it until Christmas but on Christmas I'm going to play with my Wii all day long!"


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