the world is getting gayer

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or so it seems,or maybe I have just been oblivious to the amount of gayness around me until now. So at the weekend I found out another one of my friends brothers is gay. That now brings the total of friends with gay brothers to three. Then when I was in work earlier everyone got into a conversation about people being gay and it turns out three people have gay sisters. I must say all this gayness is reassuring a little since I plan on coming out soon after christmas. Maybe it wont be such a big deal to the people around me if some of them already have gay family.Here's hoping anyways.


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i think the world is getting

i think the world is getting more out about it's gayness.... yay! and good luck coming out, it sounds like a lot of the people around you are pretty open, which is always good. :)

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Good luck! I hope things go

Good luck! I hope things go well.

I plan on coming out to some of my friends right now so they can think it over the christmas break.

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hell YES

I keep finding out that more & more of the girls who went to hiskool with me are now openly gay/bi... and most of them still live in our neighborhood. SWEET! we hang out sometimes and its like "DAMN... if only we had all been out in hiskool we could have chilled... and hooked up." Its pretty hilarious.
good luck coming out to everyone! im sure they'll be kool with it, especially the ones with the gay siblings. :o)

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you can do it!

Yay for gay siblings! Go for it mate, I think it'll be all good. Good luck :]

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I think people are just

I think people are just getting more willing and open about admitting that they aren't hetero. Yes, it's finally happened! We've progressed from the Dark Ages to the Dimly Lit Ages~!

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