There exists a melody that just might change your mind...

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i've had that stupid hellogoodbye song stuck in my head all day. i was actually humming it in third period! grrr.....

good song, but gets annoying after a while.

she's so cute, but she'll never be mine. oh well, at least we can be friends.

i dunno how i feel about christmas. i'm just waiting for christmas break.

i really want cherry poptarts, but it's midnight, my dad's asleep, food lion's closed and i can't drive to wal-mart. dang.

i've been super hungry this week and i dunno why. like, take tonight for example. i had three soft tacos and a pretzel, and i'm still hungry. it happens on and off, usually around that time of the month, so...

i dunno. i'm just writing down random thoughts right now, cause i'm tired and waiting for my hair to dry enough so that i can go to sleep.

off to forage for a snack!