This Has NOT Been the Best Christmas Ever

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My Christmas experience this year was kind of disappointing. The stuff I got so - most of the clothes didn't fit and have to be returned, and my mom had hinted that she got me something really neat for Christmas. I'm not certain if she was refering to the goose down mattress cover or the cookbook. Both were fine presents, but neither had a real "Oh wow" quality to it. But that's okay. My real problem was that I killed myself for two days cooking and no one ate very much, nor did most of them take any food home. So I have tons of food left in the fridge. I don't know if they didn't like what I made (which is hard to believe cuz it was all yummy) or if people just weren't that hungry this year. Either way though, when you go to the amount of trouble I go through every Thanksgiving and Christmas, you expect people to eat a lot, and this is the first time it didn't happen, so I was not only totaly exhausted, I was also bummed. I went to bed at, like, 8:30 last night just to get the day over with.

The thing that really bothered me the most this year though was that I couldn't do my gift project for all my friends. Usually I do a big project - like last year I made 17 different kinds of cookies, and the year before I made homemade candy - and I ship them out to my friends all over the country. But this year I haven't been feeling very well, and because I've got all my money tied up in the book at the moment, I couldn't afford all the ingredients and the postage. So no project this year, which made me very sad. Giving if the best part of the season for me, and I got to do very little of it this year. I vow to do a gift project next year, no matter what.

I'm kind of glad that this was the last year that I'm going to be here to do all the Holiday cooking. I'm really looking forward to being in Seattle next Christmas. Hopefully I'll have a rockin' Christmas Party there which will satisfy my need to entertain. Don't get me wrong. I love my family and all, but I just feel it is past time for me to move on and start the next phase of my life. It's kind of that "last year of high school" phase for me all over again. LOL.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas. I'm looking forward to New Years this year, because next year I get to launch my forum, which means I get to help you guys out even more. There's not much that makes me happier than that. Hugs all around.

- Patrick


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I feel your pain man!!It wasn't the best christmas at all was it!thanks for commenting on my journal too.

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I second that.

I too didn't have a very merry Christmas.

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