Transgender Youth Seeking Answers, Someone to Relate To

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I'm a 16 year old female who feels trapped in my own body. I feel like there was a mistake with me being born female, I'm supposed to be a man. I am a man, just not physically. And I'm struggling. I've recently come out to my therapist, to my mom and to some of my friends. There is no question in my mind how I am supposed to have been, I have felt this way all my life, for as long as I can remember. In the privacy of my room I would be a boy, and around others I was a girl because they would never believe I was a boy. It got worse once I hit puberty. I would look in the mirror and wonder why I was made this way, that it was all a big mistake.
I used to think maybe I was a leasbian. But I'm not a lesbian. A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to a woman, and I'm a man who is attracted to straight women (inside a female body.) I plan to start getting therapy for this, and eventually testosterone therapy, eventually surgery. It can't happen soon enough.
I'd like to find people, transgenders, transsexuals, who are like me, particularly transsexual men. I would like someone I could talk to, someone I could relate to.
I also have questions, of course.
Any response is greatly appreciated.

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Ehh...I can understand what

Ehh...I can understand what you're going through. I was born a guy...but it was a mistake. I'm really a girl...and it's really difficult, I know...if you need to talk, you can PM me on here, find my on myspace ( or hit me up on AIM (TabooActions).

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I am a female that wants to become a male so what type of information could you give me. Like i feel like i am male trapped inside a female body it sucks. I could use so info.

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I'm not transsexual, like

I'm not transsexual, like you, but I am whateversexual. Meaning that sometimes I'm a guy and sometimes I'm a girl. I'm satisfied with my body, though, and definately am attracted to girls, but sometimes I wanted to be a guy and sometimes I was a girl and once in a while I'd like a guy... so I'm whateversexual. It works for me. ^.^

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Have you contacted the local

GLBT center near you? They have support groups and lots of info for you....They ususally have a youth group, trans group, and more...Call them soon.
They will help.
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I've been questioning my gender. I think I might be genderqueer. It's pretty confusing to me, because I'm not really sure what I need to do to change about myself, or if the feeling is strong enough to ask people to change pronouns or whatever. I don't even know how I should change my wardrobe. I'm myself, and that doesn't fit any roles, and I don't know what to do about it. So I mostly do nothing. I don't think I've cut my hair in five years.

But I know what you mean, about how much of a struggle it is. There've been a few MTFs and FTMs on this site, and they've mentioned transgender forums. You should try those out--though I would make sure you shop around a bit first. Gender is a pretty touchy subject. :)

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Gender Identity Questions

For all youth or parents who have gender identity questions I would recommend you check out the following site:
There is an excellent video posted that you should watch.

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I was born the wrong gender i am a 16 year old boy who wants to be a girl and i have been this way since i can remember, i want to tell my mum but i just can't see her understanding i did tell my best friend he is okay with it but he just doesn't understand the way i feel about it when i try to say something to him about he he tries to change the subject i just law in my room wondering why i have been born this way, i should have been born a girl, i want to be a girl but so many reasons are holding me back from telling anyone how i feel.

i just need someone to talk to about this, someone who knows what i'm going through you can msg me on if you wish.

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IM da sme .. Im 15 Ima agurl

IM da sme .. Im 15
Ima agurl I feel lika guy doe
I dress in male tees and real baggy clothes wen I go out wid m8z
dey jus tink im a tomboy but i cud neva tel dem i wana b transgenda.. ima get surgery and dat 2 b a guy wen m olda.
I know it sounds weird but I had diz biggggggggg crush on Danni Minogue 4ages and im likin Isis 4rm America Next TOp Model 2
Im glad u told ya mum
coz lord noes Iaint goa do dat yet

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I'm transgender too, I just started taking Testosterone actually. It wasn't easy getting there, but it's so worth the trouble.

I know what you're going through. Feel free to ask me questions or PM me or whatever.

It's good to be out to people, how did that go? I'm out to most of my family and friends now. It was hard sometimes, but things are getting better. You just have to be patient, and I know it's hard. MAN is it hard. But there isn't really another option sometimes.

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OK, ya'll...

this is a 2+ year old thread, btw.

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That explains a lot.

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I don't know if I am or not

I don't know if I am or not I mean I talk like a guy, dress like a guy, walk like a guy use axe spray and body wash and i have an urge to cut my hair and spike it and i don't like boobs i want mine to go away cause i feel horrible when i look down and i see them i want a flat chest and i like girls alot and im dying to put girl posters on my wall but my mom might think im taking it to far cause she accepts i like girls and likes to dress like a boy but im afraid it'll be awkward if i put up posters like that cause i feel just like a boy, im scared to tell everyone else cause im afraid someone will kill me or beat me up really bad I mean it's not fair why am i a girl i want to be a boy