Welcome to the new Oasis Magazine!

To celebrate our 11th Anniversary online, we are expanding in a big way.

In the next few days, there will now be two major changes:

Oasis Magazine (www.oasismag.com) which will change to feature interviews with openly queer novelists, musicians, actors, comics and role models, as well as reviews of DVDs, movies, books, and music of interest to our audience.

Your journal content is still available by clicking the "Journals" text that runs across the top.

Beyond that, there's still a huge change coming to make Oasis into more of a blogging/community site, giving you more control over your content and making it much more feature-rich than ever before.

So, what's the reason behind all of these changes? One of the things that has always been the blessing and the curse of Oasis is that people see it as a place they come when they are confused, unsure of themselves, depressed, lonely, and then use the power of the amazing community on the site to sort out their issues... and then they leave.

It has always been so powerful and touching to be instrumental at helping people at such a pivotal moment of their lives, except we don't want to lose all these great people just because they are no longer depressed or unsure of themselves. So, by its very nature, and the generous spirits of the people who come here, the site always had an amazing ability to nurture and heal, but we've always been like an online hospital whose patients go on to be grateful for us, but don't need us anymore.

The splitting of the site into these two focuses is a step toward addressing that issue. By bringing back interviews with openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans artists and role models, we will provide the opportunity for people to read stories of successful people who have gone through the same moments that you are now and are thriving.

With the pop culture angle of reviewing and discussing movies, TV, DVD, concerts, and books, we will provide content for people who no longer need a supportive website necessarily, but can still use Oasis to get a handle on the latest entertainment news. And, while we have them here, they'll probably comment on a few journals, so it will be good to start getting more feedback and interaction from the other side of the closet door.

You may also have noticed something else new on Oasis: advertising. We've never had a paid ad on this site for eleven years, until now. And there will be more ads on the site than that one, Adrian and I will be working them into the template over the next few days. The reason? To be honest, I do not know how to do halfway measures. So, the goal here is for me to treat Oasis as my full-time job, in addition to finishing my novel (I know how old that is sounding as well, heh). The money from advertising will go to pay any operating costs of the website, Adrian gets a cut (for what will now be a steady influx of new features on a regular basis), and hopefully, the rest pays me to squeak out a living doing something I love and can't wait to bring to you every day.

For the most part, the content on the Oasis Magazine side of things will be authored by me, but there will be a LOT of opportunities for other people to contribute. Another new things we'll be doing is contests, as many as I can put together, so keep checking back for chances to win a lot of great things, many of them signed by cool, supportive artists.

We didn't really do much to celebrate a decade of doing Oasis last year but instead, taking our our cues in life from Spinal Tap, I think this site is going to rock its hardest at 11.

OK, let's get started! And tell us what you think about the new direction.



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I'm confused... I don't see an option to post something exclusively as a poem.

- One Nation, Under Darkness

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Just type in Poem as one of the tags.

it even autocompletes.

The setting that used to be to make a poem exclusive has been replaced by the tags.
Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

It's cute how you believe in things. - Slither

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I did that

but it posted as both a journal and a poem.

- One Nation, Under Darkness

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Hmm, you're right...

I'll have to have Adrian add that back in...


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