What is it about people?

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What is it about people, you make friends with them when they come to a new school, be nice to them, and they reciprocate and then when they learn that you are not "cool", they drop you and don't care. Grrrr it really gets me when people do that kind of stuff. Anyhow, enough of me bitching. Christmas will be here in 7 days and I need to still get some people presents, I'd love to get a present for my boyfriend... If i had one... but i don't so that a bit difficult to do. But other than that, my summer holidays are going pretty well. (I live in Australia and it's summer now:) I hope that all you guys and gals are having a great time with whatever you are doing and remember to have fun all the time.


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hey, where in aus are you

where in aus are you from? i'm a brissy gal :)
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I'm from the little town of

I'm from the little town of Melbourne. You might have heard of it?

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The world is actually ruled

The world is actually ruled by people who were not cool in high school. That's a well-kept secret though, so don't tell anyone.

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oh my god! that has been

oh my god! that has been happening to me since the third grade! i hate it!!!!!!!!!!! people are just annoying. the "uncool" people should just start a coalition against the "cool" people and take over their empire.

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