What Wouldn't I Give For A GSA In My Community....

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Seriously....I wish this effing city had a GSA...if it doesn't already. But, I'm pretty involved in the community already, and I haven't heard anything about one....In fact, the only time I can ever think of my community bringing up GLBT issues was when the Parliament was trying to decide whether to legalize gay marriage in Canada or not....I'm surprised that no one's stepped up and said, "Hey, man, we need a GSA here, for the community of *city's name here*!"

It's just....surprising. That or I've been out of it for so long that I can't even remember being me....What I was before, I mean. Before I thought I was straight as a line....I didn't hide it if I thought a guy in a magazine wsa hot...I just said it. But, now, I'm...liking girls more....I never thought I'd question myself....and, when I do think a girl is cute or something, I don't say anything, I just keep quiet.

Anyways, back on to the topic. In order for me to go to a GSA, I'd have to go to the one that's an hour away....Not to mention that my parents would start asking questions if I suddenly wanted to go there...Needless to say, we don't travel to the CITY city, unless we absolutely have to or we're seeing relatives....

The closest we can get to an organization is the local Boys and Girls Club....but I've never been there...I don't even know what it looks like, for fuck's sake. I can't just walzt up and say, "Hey, is this the Boys and Girls Club?" I'm not...I'm shy. *Blush*

But, yeah, no organization GLBT related, which sucks....Oh, well.

Well, I'm off to bed, because it's getting late, and it's Monday tomorrow...School and stuff.


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Agreed. It sucks to have no

It sucks to have no LGBT-related club around.

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i hear that

my area is so conservative that i nearly sharted when i found out that we have 2 cities (semi-far away) that have gay pride festivals every year

so, we are totally in the same boat.


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