Where the Sunshine is

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The soft melody of
Children’s voices
Entangles with the silence
On my solitary path
Their dialogue stolen
By distance’s sailing hands
Definition scrambled
In the shadowed inches
Of a nocturnal kingdom
Whose indigo parasol
Glitters with dots of
Diamond diagrams
And a few fluffs of cotton
That sparkle in their bellies
As they beeline it
Straight to nowhere
Unaware of the projections
That address my weary ears

The wind’s cool persuasion
Charms my skin
Dusting my face
With smooth layers of atmosphere
And it sweeps my hair
Into my eyes
So that I can see
Just a little less clearly
And I can feel
Just a little more cool
As I stand with
Clenched hands
On sideways hips
Isn’t it fun
To feel like
You’re in a movie?

The dog simply
Won’t budge
Sitting in the leaves
Listening to that
Pell-mell chorus
Of shouting children
While the itching
Tendons of my legs
Beg for motion
To lick their lines
And give them
An occupation
To shield them from
A sedentary decay

They just
Want to race
Far from this place
Away from the strife
Lining all the words
Separate from the stress
That smothers rushed thoughts
They yearn for a distance
Large enough to accommodate
The birth of a new identity
And the soft strangulation
Of a second-hand existence

I believe freedom is the word
Needed to explain
This desire
Surging through the traffic
Of my wizened brain cells
Slowly evaporating
In a drought of hope
Because it sure
Is not raining
From the stars this night

My body begs
“Take me to
A forgotten paradise
Atlantis still stands and
Achilles has
Never stopped raging
Where Adam still
Wakes to perfection
And the flowing dynamics
Of Samson’s
Shimmering locks
Still animate in the wind
Carry me to
Where the air is perfumed
With sandalwood
Instead of smoke
Where people shake hands
Instead of heads
And lovers laugh
Rather than cry
In other words
Take me to
Where the sunshine is
And promise never
To let it fade”


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awww...it's nice...i kind of

awww...it's nice...i kind of feel that way too...

Sticks and stone can break my bones, but names won't hurt me!

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i adore this. it's

i adore this. it's absolutely beautiful.

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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So good

This is beautiful

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt