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So, I was bored and ended up on wikipedia... I decided, what the heck, I'll see what wikipedia has to say about this great site...

Nothing! So, I made a quick little entry about it. But, I've never done that before and really have no idea what I'm doing.

So, anybody with any skill on wikipedia, edit that page! It's called 'oasismag'. It's got on sentence and a link...

I don't know how to put it on those lists (like LGBT Youth Related, etc.) so, if anyone does, that would be great. I've found a lot of really cool sites that way and I bet more people would find this site.

Jeff, maybe you want to write some of it, as I know you know the most about this site...

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That's a great idea!

That's a great idea! I know nothing about posting to Wikipedia, but I use it quite alot.

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It would be wrong for jeff to write it up.


It's why I haven't done it myself.

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What do you say?

The page is pretty bare, but I don't know what you say about it. We don't really do anything in particular.

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