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girls can be so freaking frustrating. one of my friends, who is about 2 years younger than me, is totally playing my feelings like a yo-yo. it seems like she likes me....but then she says stuff that makes me change my mind, and it frustrates the hell out of me. its kinda like when we're alone or just in our close group of friends its ok to be touchy-feely. for example, we're both in basketball and in practice she'll give me hugs and like touch my face or flirt with me, at least it seems like she's flirting. but the other day we were all in the same gym as the boys team doing something and i was just messing around and like put my arm around her because she was trying to pull this "i'm mad at you don't talk to me" thing, but then we were standing there and she said something to me, and another girl on my team said "can't we all just get along?!" just messing around, and my crush just said, "well if she'd quit touching me, everything would be ok." and that totally hurt me, so i didn't talk to her the rest of practice, but i started to feel bad. so i told her that i was sorry if i made her mad, and she apologized to me too. but it still just pisses me off that she does this shit to me. she can be the sweetest person in the world, and all i wanna do is sit and talk to her, but she has to be a brat and act stupid. if i was like a person on the outside, looking at her and i, i'd totally think that there was something going on, the way we act and say stuff. and i'm soooooo confused and i really just wanna forget about these feelings, because they complicate everything, and a lot of the time make me feel horrible. and currently, i am starting to talk to an ex-crush again, and it seems like she's still interested. so i really wanna concentrate on that because we have a lot of history and i feel more confident in that relationship. so i dunno. i wish i couldn't feel things sometimes, it would make life so much easier.